Bradford Hindu Council (BHC) Working in Partnership with other Communities to provide much needed cooked food and provisions to the most vulnerable.

Bradford Hindu Council are very proud to be working in partnership with Indian Women’s Community (IWCUK), BEAP Community Partnership and Near Neighbours Bradford. A fantastic project, where on a weekly basis the organisations provide cooked meals to the homeless. It is wonderful to see different faiths coming together to provide much needed cooked food provision to the most vulnerable.

Ravinder Dharni (Vice Chair Of BHC) said “A fantastic partnership with BHC and the other organisations! We can reach so many communities when we work together” Indu Dharni of IWCUK has been working tirelessly with other women in her team over the last year raising funds via the IWCUK zoom calls, getting various families to cook food. During any free time, Deepak Sharma from the BHC went from shop to shop asking for food donations.

BHC Community projects liaison officer Dharmesh Mistry has been working very closely with local supermarkets, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s, encouraging them to come onboard and be part of the great work, providing food donations which he and his wife Dina then sort out and deliver to the BEAP premise and other venues needing the donations.

BEAP Community Partnership exists to focus on meeting the needs of the local community in Manningham, their Chief Executive, Humayun Islam said “We as BEAP are proud to work in partnership with BHC & IWCUK to provide much needed food provision to vulnerable people. It’s important that different faiths come together during these difficult times to help & support all communities.”

Near Neighbours brings people together in communities that are religiously and ethnically diverse and their local co-ordinator Kaneez Khan said “This partnership is a great example of friendship and peace between the Muslim and Hindu community in Bradford especially given the international context. The groups have worked together all the way through the pandemic and are still working together on Covid messaging. Near Neighbours/Wellsprings Together are proud to be partners with Bradford Hindu Council, IWCUK and BEAP.”

For further information on this project contact Ravinder Dharni on 07713 485049 or Deepak Sharma 07818 296460.

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