Jagruti 2022

Bradford Hindu Council in collaboration with National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK) hosted Jagruti.

Jagruti means awakening. We uncovered our inner potential and awareness that is unique to us through the Char Yogs.

Highlights of the day:

✨108 Hanuman Chalisas completed by the students and samaj for the very first time at Shree Prajapati Association Bradford

✨Insightful workshops throughout the day.

✨Yummy food which was kindly donated to us.

✨Students and samaj members working collaboratively to pull off a great event.

Thank you to each and every person who attended and for all your hard work. A huge thank you to Joshiv Tiffins for providing some amazing breakfast and #IWCUK for the 108 ladoos and fruits!

The event was an amazing success and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We hope we can host such events again in the future and bring our communities closer to be able to share our Hindu Dharma to the next generation 🙏🏽

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