British Kabaddi League

BHC would like to introduce you to a traditional Indian sport called Kabaddi. That had started out in Bharat (India) and has been played throughout the UK for many years. Kabaddi is an extremely popular sport in India because it does not have any cost for fancy equipment etc and can be played by everyone from children to adults, rich and poor, men and women.

Featuring for this month, 3 individuals (Mitesh Mistry, Kishan Mistry and Roneel Bhagwakar) from Bradford will be participating in the first ever British Kabaddi League (BKL).

Mitesh has been playing Kabaddi from a very young age at Shahka run by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) (Bradford). Mitesh currently works as a process engineer in Bradford and has dedicated his time to being a Youth Leader for HSS for the last 10 years. He is extremely passionate about the sport and is a member of Manchester Raiders team. He has learnt about kabaddi and always encourage everyone to have ago at something new as well as teaching others about how to play kabaddi.

Traditional Indian sports are rarely seen on the media let alone within our community. So, BHC encourages you to support the British Kabaddi and watch Mitesh, Kishan and Roneel play for Manchester raiders.

“Manchester Raiders are one of eight teams who will be competing for silverware in the inaugural British Kabaddi League, which is the highest-profile competition ever put together for the sport in this country.”

BHC are extremely pleased to have Mitesh, Kishan and Roneel as great role models within the Hindu Community.

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