Census 2021 – Be proud to be British Indians

Why is The British Census Important?

The Census is a survey that happens every 10 years and everyone takes part The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is responsible for the Census in England and Wales. The Census is important because it gives the most detailed information we have about our society

Benefits for the Indian communities

Census provides decision-makers with accurate information about the population:

Community Organisations – Future needs for new Community Centres (elderly)

Places of worship – Planning and approval for temples

Healthcare – Provision for health conditions that are prominent in Indian Communities. i.e. Diabetes

Council funding – Suitable care homes, elderly travel, provision of social care, crematoria, etc

The Bradford Hindu Council Encourages everyone to take part in the census 2021. By taking part you have a voice. A voice that matters and that will shape the future to come for all the British Public, from all Backgrounds.

Please follow the instructions in the video and make your opinion and voice count in the future of England take part in the census 2021.

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