Sporting Excellence

BHC would like congratulate Shivanie Patel who was nominated for the volunteer award at the Bradford sports awards 2022 last week. She was given a commendation for her involvement in the cricket community in Bradford.

Shivanie dedicates a lot of her time in coaching and developing womens cricket. She is a resilient, focused and confident individual and has an incredible skill set in coaching cricket. She is extremely passionate about the sport and tries to get the best out of everybody she meets. She is an ardent supporter of women in sport and encourages equality. She wants all youngsters to know that no dream is too big, remember to work hard but always enjoy what you do and have fun along the way! Sport in general will help you develop so many skills and it’s good for you! We all need to play in life no matter what age we are.

If you are interested in getting involved please message us at BHC and we will pass on your details to Shivanie

BHC are extremely pleased to have a great role model within the Hindu Community.

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